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What Is the Dry Powder Method?

Heavens Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a company that utilizes various methods for a full range of services. Based in Morgan Hill, CA, we are renowned for our efficient and reliable use of the dry powder method. It allows us to provide an alternative solution for your carpet cleaning needs and is suitable for residential and commercial clients alike. Here, you can learn more!

What is the dry powder method?

It is a way for cleaning carpets with the use of a dry absorbent media that contains different detergents, solvents, and water. We will spread that material on the surface of your carpet and brush it with proper equipment, suitable for the job. This solution extracts dirty, dust, and other pollutants and becomes easy to extract with a simple vacuum cleaner. To make the process more efficient we will also brush the carpet.

What are the benefits?

The dry powder method allows for a very fast drying process that is especially efficient for commercial clients. It allows the carpet to be back in service in less than an hour and will not distract employees. The little time it requires can also allow homeowners to clean quickly for parties, gatherings, or other events.

If you are based in Morgan Hill, CA, and you are looking for a carpet cleaning company, call us! We, at Heavens Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, dedicate ourselves to delivering a reliable and timely service that comes at reasonable rates and is available 24/7. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of each customer, and you will not be an exception.

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