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Want to Know How to Properly Clean Your Leather Sofa?

Upholstery Cleaning Tips on Leather

In most cases, the best upholstery cleaning tips for leather is to use a small amount of water on a soft cloth. Homemade cleaning solutions like linseed oil and vinegar have a tendency to work best, due to the fact they are gentle enough to be used on leather. However, should a commercial leather cleaner be used, water-based products are advisable. For longer lasting results, it is helpful to finish every job by using a water-based leather protector.

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A solution of white vinegar and linseed oil is an excellent leather cleaner and conditioner. It will also help to prevent drying and cracking. This solution needs to be rubbed into the furniture using a soft cloth. Once the leather has absorbed the solution, you will need to buff it with a clean cloth in to remove any leftover residue.

Diluted moisturizing soap, can be an effective leather cleaner too. The soap needs to be worked into a lather and then wiped off. It is important you do not get the leather too wet, as they can damage the upholstery. The soap must be removed with another dry cloth and not rinsed off. A mild saddle soap can be used also to clean leather upholstery.

When shopping for commercial leather upholstery cleaners, make sure the ingredients are not too harsh. Water-based cleaners have the best balance. Also, any reputable upholstery service will tell you to steer clear of cleaners that have wax and silicone in them, as they can leave a residue on the leather which can be harmful. Cleaners that have too much oil should also be avoided also, as they will stretch the leather and dull its surface given enough time. Also, try not to use leather or baby wipes, and dish soap, as these too will damage leather and18 cause cracking and drying.

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